Friday, April 29, 2022

Day 6 - 28 April - Puente la Reina to Estella

As Dionne Warwick famously sang: 

If you see me walking down the street               

And I start to cry, it’s probably my feet             

Walk on by....

We set off from Puente la Reina at around half past seven in the morning, exiting the town over the stone bridge from which the town derives its name. As was forecast, we had a light drizzle to contend with but not sufficient to warrant a fashion disaster poncho. Just as well because Mrs C’s poncho is already beginning to disintegrate. In any event the rain gave up mid morning and whilst the sun never did quite burst through, it made for nice walking weather.

An early coffee stop in the village of Mañeru provided a suitable fillip for the fourteen mile day ahead of us. Aside from a lung busting, steep but mercifully short ascent two miles in, today’s walk has been a nice long stroll alongside farmland and rolling countryside providing a patchwork of spring colours.

I have to admit though that Dionne is not the only one whose feet are hurting a bit. Fortunately, I have my Crocs with me. A fashion crime they may be but, once on, they transform my feet into sophisticated tracking devices which deliver me, pain free, to a suitable drinking establishment. Tonight, in the town of Estella, they delivered us to Casa Carmen and who should be holding court there but our New York ex-fire fighter buddies Albert and Joe. Albert seemed particularly keen to brush up on his rude-words-in-an-english-accent repertoire so I was pleased to help him out in that respect. Joe? I have to confess I don’t understand a word he says, with the exception of “cawffee”, such is his NY drawl. He was pointing to his foot at one stage and I think he might have been saying it was a bit hurty but I don’t think even Dionne Warwick could have been certain. Either way, great guys and never a dull moment and all that.

Six days in already. Irrespective of hurty feet, we’re loving it. Tomorrow, we get to visit a wine fountain. Rest assured, we will not walk on by.

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  1. When your legs ache, your feet hurt and you're lacking in good cheer
    There's nothing like a Tapas Bar and a nice cold beer!