Our Mate Trevor

On Saturday 15 August 2020 our great friend Trevor Beechey passed away. His funeral took place two days later and afterwards.................well, life just goes on for everybody else doesn't it. We posted the below comments a couple of days after the funeral on our main blog page but as we don't want subsequent blog posts to push Trevor out of sight or mind, we thought that the least we could do was to give him his own page. 

Last Saturday, our great friend Trevor Beechey passed away, aged only 54. His funeral took place on Monday afternoon on a very, very hot Spanish August afternoon - it was Trevor weather! Along with wife Emma and daughters Jessica and Lottie, the Beechey family have been wonderful friends in the twelve years that we have known them and an integral part of our Spanish experience over this time. 

Born in Kenya, Trevor's early years in Africa formed his love of the (hot!) outdoors and a free-spirit philosophy generally. He was a natural athlete (tennis, rugby, golf) despite his slight build, love for ciggies and beer and a propensity for accidents which, throughout his 54 years, would almost invariably result in further damage and shortening to the one already gammy leg. He was a risk taker but not a gambler, always generous with his time and advice and he loved doing fun things. I mean he LOVED doing fun things. Motor bikes, speed boats, b-b-q's on Sardine Island, water skiing, wake boarding, traveling, holidays, tennis and probably a million other things I never even knew about. In the working world he had been variously a banker, restaurateur, builder, estate agent, project manager - he's done a bit of everything in his time, but always leaving time for another ciggie and a beer.

He phoned me up one day when we were back in the UK. "Cookster" he said, "just wanted to let you know that I am in your apartment drinking your beer". I have no idea what he was doing there or how he let himself in but he was welcome and he knew it, as we did whenever we were at his house. Mi casa es tu casa.

On holiday in Thailand four years ago, he thought that one of Mrs C's Black Cohosh tablets looked interesting so he tried one. I don't know what he thought of it but I never saw him have a hot flush!

So many friends from around the world would have wanted to be there on Monday to pay their respects but the logistics, both timescale and Covid-related, simply made this impossible. Instead the messages sent - which were read out at the funeral - time and again told the same story of an irrepressible, fun-loving, best-mate of a guy who we will all miss terribly but of whom we will always think of with a smile on our face. After the last few, difficult months Trevor is a free spirit once more. Love you mate.


  1. Beautiful write up about a beautiful man ��

  2. I played Trevor in the Nairobi Junior Tennis tournament Mixed Doubles quarter final in 1981. My partner and I had a good day and managed to beat Trevor and his partner, whose name I think was Harbinger. Trevor was at Millfield school at the time. He was indeed a fun loving friendly guy and a great tennis player. He was very stylish and went for all his shots and pulled them off! I think he may have had a tennis scholarship to Millfield. I didn’t know him well, but I’m so sad to hear this news! Definitely taken before your time Trevor! Rest In Peace Rafiki. Tom Verdon

  3. 54 is no age, we all take our health for granted until the shit hits the fan. Every day is a new day.
    RIP Trev.

  4. He was my tennis partner at Banda Prep school in Kenya, and we won a few things together.....he was quite the wag. Sorry to have never caught up with him again in the last decades - I have no doubt he lived his life to the full. Happy travels.