Golf in Spain

Great image, by Will Knight, of some hacker on one of
the La Manga Club courses. Click on image to expand.

If you are a golfer (I'm not) then Spain ought to be pretty close to your idea of heaven. Golf has played a major part in the development of Spanish tourism over the last 30 years and it is in those areas most visited by overseas tourists, i.e. Madrid, Barcelona and the Spanish Costas where new and spectacular golf courses have emerged to satisfy the demand from Europe led by the Brits and the Germans. Here in Murcia we have an embarrassment of spectacular courses to choose from but fortunately not too many Germans. 

If it wasn't for the threat of an instant divorce, I could get in the car and within 15 minutes be arriving at any one of ten absolutely-not-Mickey-Mouse courses including three 18-hole courses at La Manga Club (spectacular views) or the Mar Menor Golf Resort where the back nine was designed by some guy called Jack Nicklaus.

Just imagine all those flop shots, knee-knockers and banana balls in the Spanish sunshine. Fortunately I can resist all this but there are plenty who can't and/or wouldn't want to and in that case you really would be hard pressed to find a better destination in which to indulge yourself.  

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