Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Lockdown in Spain

When I am lucky enough to spend time in Spain, I have to confess that I do miss my real ale back home. I have tended to find most Spanish beers to be cold and wet and not much more. Locally, most expats here drink either bottles of Mahou red (5.5% ABV) or Mahou green (4.8% ABV). But over the last two years I am finding that the supermarkets (less so the bars) are offering a few more interesting options with both flavour and strength options. At the time of writing we are nearly seven weeks in to the Covid-19 related lockdown restrictions and if ever there was a time for some flavour and value to help us through this troubled period, it transpires that Mahou are producing a really tasty session IPA which is increasingly becoming available on supermarket shelves alongside it's red and green siblings. As everyone knows, good ale is good for you and in the current lockdown-related absence of football, combined with the fact that you can't currently explore anything of Spain much beyond your own front door, what else is there to start off this new blog with? Moving forward, I hope that the musings of this particular beer-loving footie fan in Spain can give you a sense of life in real Spain, or at least a Brit's version of real Spain.